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Agrestic's seasonals help you navigate the markets with confidence and make sound buy and sell decisions based on history, not emotion.
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Buy Dairy Revenue, Livestock Gross Margin and Livestock Risk Protection at seasonal highs to establish higher coverage prices on your FCIC Livestock Policy.
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Use our pre-built indictor to signal and alert of timely buys of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) and Dairy Revenue.
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Agrestic Research's seasonal charts help you make better decisions, so you can act with confidence - whether you're a novice user or a market veteran.

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What We Create

We are data creative, agriculture lovers, innovators, passionate researchers, technology driven.


We construct short-term and long-term futures seasonal patterns on Agriculture, Energy, Equity Index, FX, Interest Rates, and Metals. Patterns include 5, 10, 15, up to 30-year; as well as bull, bear and neutral market years.

Crop Insurance Analysis

We analyze government subsidized crop insurance products to include Livestock Risk Protection, Livestock Gross Margin, Dairy Revenue; as well as, Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage.

Research & Tools

We reasearch, anlayze, innovate, consult, construct and implement ways to improve commodity risk management--specifically as it relates to crop insurance and livestock insurance.

How our seasonals fit into your strategy


Subscribe and bookmark the seasonals page. Analyze your commodities of choice putting emphasis on longer-term patterns.


Use are interactive charts to scale the calendar,  analyze performance and isolate periods where you are looking to buy or sell commodities or potential crop insurance policies.


Find periods in the short-term and long-term patterns that coincide with your strategy. Also put more weight into areas where bull-bear-neutral patterns all trend in the same direction where applicable.


Using the calendar periods for short-term, long-term and bull-bear-neutral seasonal patterns that trend with your long or short decions, make your opportunities a reality.

Best Plans For You

Annual, 6-Month, 3-Month or 1-Month recurring plans. Access your portfolio of choice--"The Traders Edge", "The Crop Insurance Edge" or only the Livestock Boss Indicator. Livestock Boss Indicator may be added-on via the "Crop Insurance Edge" plan.

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  • Access to All Seasonal Patterns
  • Access to All Livestock Insurance Seasonal Patterns
  • Access to all Premium Content

Livestock Boss Indicator

  • Annual Plan or Monthly Plans
  • LRP, LGM and/or Dairy Revenue Buying Signals
  • Desktop, E-mail, SMS Alerts
  • Access to LGM and Dairy Revenue Margins Charts

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